Tube welding machine 219

Main function of VZH 219 Tube welding machine:

VZH 219Q & VZH 219 & VZH 219z serial ERW straight line tube welding machines are designed to produce round tubes and shaped tube (square & rectangular), the tube mainly applied in manufacturing API pipes, pressure transmission pipes, pressure tubing (penstock) and structural tube.

Basic configuration: (May be changed according to customers’ requirements)

Single-head uncoiler→(Straighten machine & Pinching & Levelling machine) →Shearing machine & CO2 Butt welding machine→Horizontal spiral accumulator group→Forming machine→High frequency induction welder→De-burr frame(Outside) →Seam grind unit→Cooling trough→Sizing mill→Turkey head→CNC flying saw→Run-out table


Model Tube O.D Wall thickness Speed Main motor H.F. welder
VZH 219Q Φ76-219mm 2.0-6.0mm 10-40m/min 90kw×2+110kw×2 500kw
VZH 219 Φ89-219mm 3.0-8.0mm 10-40m/min 110kw×2+132kw×2 600kw
VZH 219z Φ89-219mm 4.0-10.0mm 10-40m/min 132kw×2+160kw×2 700kw


Tube welding machine

Tube welding machine (2)

Tube welding machine (3)